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Hanging out with my dad yesterday and he asked my opinion about him dating a new girlfriend (this is gf #8 now) and also asked me if I wanted to go to church this Sunday for the holiday and I honestly don’t know which question was more awkward and uncomfortable.

"It is not surprising that young white males – most between thirty and forty – play major roles in the production of hip-pop. It’s easy to forget this because when most people critique rap and hip-pop harshly, they assume that young black men are the sole creators and producers of misogynist rap. In fact, nothing is unilaterally produced anymore. As we’ve discussed, once you have a corporate takeover of the street culture, it is no longer the property of the young, Black and Latino men and women who have created it. It is reinvented with the mass consumer audience in mind. The hard-core misogyny and the hard-core sexism isn’t a translation from street to big-time studio, it is a product of the big-time studio."

— ― Bell Hooks, Homegrown: Engaged Cultural Criticism (via tangerinatropical)

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"Interracial" is not synonymous with "anti-racism."

— bell hooks, “Lecture at Texas A&M” (via owning-my-truth)

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>teenage actress’s private nudes get leaked

>teenage actress is reviled as a slut and a whore and a bad role model

>james franco asks a seventeen-year-old girl if he can meet her in a private hotel room

>james franco gets to go on saturday night live and joke about what a silly doofus he is for soliciting sex from a girl literally half his age


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